Hegel Polska

Hegel Music Systems is a Norwegian company specializing in manufacturing hi-end audio equipment. Their Polish website is based on a Content Management System with fully responsive design and many clever solutions such as accordion modules and integrated gallery.

The modules with links for each product allow users to view all the catalogs, reviews or user manuals.

Website type:
Responsive distributor's website
Completion Date:
Hegel Music Systems/Audio Klan

The website has been designed for Hegel's Polish distributor and contains virtually everything you can find about this company and its devices. In fact, it is a faithful copy of the previous site of the Norwegian company, translated into Polish, with additions made at the request of the Polish distributor of this brand. The design is characterized by simplicity and responsiveness, which is why this website works on all mobile devices. In fact, the project was completed in 2014, which only shows that a website made even a few years ago, using modern solutions, can still look fresh and elegant.

Hegel Polska Hegel Polska front page in desktop mode

Polska Product page with important support links

Hegel Polska Product gallery