Who are we?

KorniMedia was founded in response to the demand for modern, custom-made websites, mobile applications, high-quality pictures, texts, and translations. By working with individuals specializing in programming, databases, photography and computer graphics, we are able to create and implement even most complex and original designs.

One problem - one solution

Our experience in editing and translating texts from several specialist areas allows us to successfully work with foreign clients. We are responding to the needs of those who have to use a lot of material but do not want to split the project into parts. We deal with both the creation of web pages, graphics, photographs, and texts, offering one complete solution.

With high fidelity in mind

Because KorniMedia was established by a team of audio equipment enthusiasts, it is undoubtedly visible in our work. We specialize in websites, graphics and high-quality photos of hi-fi and hi-end devices. The majority of companies we work with are recognizable brands in the audio market. However, this doesn't mean we give up on other challenges.

Fresh ingredients, great taste

Our websites are designed with the use of proven software and some of the best templates available at the time. The use of many popular tools gives us the ability to customize the shape and functionality of the site to the needs of its owners and users. The ability to combine different fields means we can create websites with different degrees of complexity - from simple business cards to fully functional web portals.